Lee Biosolutions relies on its high quality distributors around the world to connect its products with the end-users, no matter where they are. Each supplier is carefully selected based on their ability to communicate with us and our customers as well as their commitment to supplying our high-value materials in an economical fashion and reasonable turnaround time.

Please contact us at info@leebio.com if you would like to discuss servicing an underrepresented part of the world.


https://www.2bscientific.comName: 2BScientific
Servicing: Iceland │ Ireland │ United Kingdom
Website: https://www.2bscientific.com
Email: sales@2BScientific.com
Phone: +44 (0) 1869 238033
https://www.trinabio.comName: Trina Bioreactives AG
Servicing: Austria │ Czech Republic │ France │ Germany │ Italy │ Poland │ Switzerland
Website: https://www.trinabio.com
Email: trina@trinabio.com
Phone: +41 44 905 20 10


Name: MBAG Diagnostics
Servicing: Belgium │ Luxembourg │ The Netherlands │ Portugal │ Spain
Website: https://mbagdiagnostics.nl
Email: info@mbagdiagnostics.nl
Phone: +31 (0)596 - 20 10 62
https://www.hoelzel-biotech.comName: Holzel Diagnostika
Servicing: Germany
Website: https://www.hoelzel-biotech.com
Email: info@hoelzel.de
Phone: +49 221 126 02 66
http://www.milananalytica.chName: Milan Analytica AG
Servicing: Switzerland
Website: http://www.milananalytica.ch
Email: info@milananalytica.ch
Phone: 0041 61 845 99 88
http://novakemi.seName: Novakemi AB
Servicing: Denmark │ Finland │ Norway │ Sweden
Website: http://novakemi.se
Email: novakemi@novakemi.se
Phone: +46 (0)8-390 490


Name: VWR
Servicing: All of Europe
Website: https://www.vwr.com
Email: Website Contact Page
Phone: +49 6151 3972550


Name: Cosmo Bio
Servicing: Japan
Website: https://www.cosmobio.com
Email: export@cosmobio.co.jp
Phone: 81-3-5632-9608
http://www.bjbiobridge.comName: Beijing Biobridge Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
Servicing: China
Website: http://www.bjbiobridge.com
Email: wangyihong@bjbiobridge.com
Phone: 010-58563705-805


Name: Nanjing Santa Scott Biotechnology
Servicing: China
Website: http://www.biostscott.com
Email: admin@biostscott.com
Phone: 025-5270 2123
http://www.bj-life-science.comName: Beijing Life Science Technology Co. Ltd.
Servicing: China
Website: http://www.bj-life-science.com
Email: info@bj-life-science.com
Phone: +86 10 5701 7625
https://bizcomjapan.co.jp/Name: BizCom Japan (Bijikomu Japan Ltd)
Servicing: Japan
Website: https://bizcomjapan.co.jp
Email: customer@bizcomjapan.co.jp
Phone: 03 - 6277 - 3233
http://www.biokinglink.comName: KingLink Biotechnolgy Ct. Ltd.
Servicing: ChinaHong Kong
Website: http://www.biokinglink.com
Email: purchasing@biokinglink.com
Phone: +86 755 2165 0662


Name: Shanghai Bioleaf Biotech Co. Ltd.
Servicing: China
Website: https://www.bioleaf.com
Email: info@bioleaf.com
Phone: 400-968-7988 │ 021-65538622


Name: Sejin ChemBio
Servicing: South Korea
Website: www.sejincb.com
Email: jhyoo@sejincb.com
Phone: +82 31 292 4745


Name: Leadgene Biomedical, Inc.
Servicing: Taiwan
Website: http://www.leadgene.com.tw
Email: info@leadgene.com.tw
Phone: +886-6-5052959 ext.11


Name: Morey Biosciences, Inc.
Servicing: China
Website: www.moreybio.com
Email: info@moreybio.com
Phone: 4006-400-850

Name: Qingdao JMT Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
Servicing: China
Website: Coming soon!
Email: jmtbiotech@yeah.net │ jmtbiotech@126.com
Phone: +86 532 85191181 │ +86 185 60646889

Name: Abba BioScience
Servicing: South Korea
Website: www.abba-bio.com
Email: abbabio@naver.com
Phone: +82 2 428 6366



Name: BioTAG Ltd.
Servicing: Israel │ Egypt │ Greece │ Turkey │ Most of the Middle East
Website: http://www.biotag.co.il
Email: info@biotag.co.il
Phone: +972-52-5522748


https://www.fishersci.comName: Fisher Scientific
Servicing: United StatesCanada
Website: https://www.fishersci.com
Email: Website Contact Page
Phone: 1-800-766-7000
https://www.cedarlanelabs.comName: Cedarlane Laboratories
Servicing: Canada │ United States
Website: https://www.cedarlanelabs.com
Email: service@cedarlanelabs.com
Phone: 1-800-721-1644
https://www.vwr.com/Name: VWR
Servicing: United StatesCanada
Website: https://www.vwr.com
Email: Website Contact Page
Phone: 1-800-932-5000


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